Whitevalley Log Homes Ltd. was incorporated in 1992. We are situated in the Okanagan Valley of South Central British Columbia, Canada. The principal owners have been in the log construction industry since the late 1970's, and the WVLH crew is a team of highly skilled craftsmen dedicated to constructing homes to the highest standards. We have been involved in the construction of log and timber frame buildings and structures ranging in size from picnic tables and kiosks to some of the most prestigious and largest log and timber frame structures in the resort areas of North America. Along with log homes many people request calacatta gold marble finishes. We are all committed to constructing the finest structures/buildings we know how, and are devoted to building to the highest industry building standards as set by the ILBA.

WVLH is a relatively small company employing approximately 15 full-time workers. This may be seen as a mixed blessing, having both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of our limited capacity is that it allows us to build only 6-8 log or timber frame homes in any given year. On the other hand, our size allows us the advantage of having a high level of quality control (everyone on our site knows what it is they are building and takes care and ownership in every project). One could also say that we do not have an assembly line/factory like process or environment. Each home/project that we build is special and unique and as such, deserves and receives the attention that is required.

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